Young Pretty Betaboy

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young pretty betaboy
Sitting on the floor on christmas evening and sipping on my hot chocolate, I found myself musing about just how different that christmas is going to be than any other I expirienced before. Not just christmas, but how much better my life is going to be from now. Becoming a girl was something I was dreaming for ever since I was young. You can’t imagine how many times I was closing my eyes, hoping to wake up changed into a girl. I knew I was transgender, but I never had the courage to tell anyone or express my true self, yet get a reassignment surgery. I was mostly left to wish even if I was fully aware it’s not going to work. Life has been tough for me, acting against my nature and hiding my true self. I was so jealous of my cousins and classmates who were lucky enough to be born a girl. This christmas I wished to turn into a girl harder than any other day and oddly enough, after twenty years of wishing I woke up this morning with the body of a girl. I literally jumped out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom to see myself in the mirror. The reflection nearly made me cry from joy. I was not only a girl. I was a gorgeous girl, the kind I always wanted to become. I spend like half an hour in front of the mirror, turning around and twisting my head to take a look at every part of my new body. My breasts I so much desired to grow. My round butt, my girly face and my figure. Mostly I got to enjoy the view that the reason of my mysery was no longer dangling between my legs. I was a girl and I never felt so great about life. My day couldn’t get any better when I finally got to put on a pair of panties and a bra, followed by some casuall clothes from the women’s section of the clothing store. I really couldn’t wait to just go out and expirience everything the world has to offer to me right now. At the time I was pretty much overwhelmed and wanted everything at once. I wanted to act according to my girly nature and see how people find it cute rather than disturbing or innapropirate. I wanted to wear those cute boots I saw earlier or try on a pair of high heels. I wanted for the weather to get warmer so I can put on a dress or even go out to the beach in a bikini and proudly show off my body. However after sitting down I decided I will just go on with the day and spend a wonderfull christmas with my family. Now it’s evening in my first day as a girl and for the first time I’m trully happy spending it with my parents and brother. The best thing about it is that nobody remembers me being a boy. My parents thinks I was always their daughter just like my brother thinks I was always his sister. Not only that, but apparently in this new reality I also have a boyfriend and after I’m going to spend some time with my family, I’m going to head out with him to watch some christmas lights in the downtown.

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