Naked Sissy Is Forced to Fuck

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naked sissy is forced to fuck
I can’t believe this is happening…oh fuck! God that thing is big. I can’t believe I’m doing this…how can I be doing this? Guys aren’t supposed to be bent over taking a big cock in their-ahhhHHH! Fuck! *pant* *pant* I knew I shouldn’t have gone as a girl to the costume party. I knew I shouldn’t have stayed after everyone left for “one more drink.” I knew I should have yelled at you to stop when you started rubbing my leg. I knew I should have ran out when you slid down my panties. I had second, third, and even fourth thoughts when you rubbed that lubed-up slippery cockhead against my puckered hole. And then you entered me…you took me…just because I’m smaller than you? Just because your dick is twice the size of mine? Just because I’m feminine and in touch with my feelings and all you care about is getting your big dick stroked until it cums? Oh nooo…don’t grab my arms! Unghhhhh *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* Oh my fucking god! He’s going so fast! The way it hits my little spot every time…I’ve never felt anything like it. It’s like that spot has some primal connection to my brain. Every time he pushes into me and hits that spot, my ability to reason floats away. I’m losing control… and he knows it. It gets him off knowing his cock is making me weak and powerless. Fuck…it’s getting worse. Every time he smacks himself up against my apple bottom, and that big thing fills me all the way up, my own little dicklet responds by twitching. It’s absolutely rock hard at it’s full 3 inches; so hard that each smack against my butt doesn’t cause it to slap up against my tummy anymore. But each smack does send that fat cock right into my g-spot, building up a wave of pleasure that keeps growing and growing, causing my thing to burn and my balls to ache like they’re right on the edge of something – not cumming, as a man would do, but something else. Something I’m not familiar with. Something that I’ve never felt before. And it’s maddening, being on the edge. What little bit of my conscience that still occupies my brain is fighting desperately, telling me to stop; warning me that I’m approaching the point of no return. But another voice… a deeper, more primitive and powerful voice, was begging for that guy behind me to finally trigger my release; to focus his big dick on my little spot and assault it relentlessly until my body finally overcame its own restraints – to finally override the safeguards that had kept me a ‘man’ my whole life. The voice begged for him to pound my ass until he take me over the edge; to reveal to both of us the true nature of my ass; to prove that it was, in fact, a sissy pussy. To prove that nothing in the world could make me feel better than being fucked by a cock. I wanted it. I wanted out of the edge. The edge was driving me mad. All I wanted more than anything in the world was released from this feeling. Fortunately, he showed mercy on me. He clutched my delicate wrists even harder and increased his efforts with a fervor that could fill a fratboy with envy. And that’s what did it. I bit my lip as I felt my face contorting from the build up. I felt my muscles preparing to do something that I knew I had absolutely no control over. For the first time in my life, I uttered a soft, delicate, whimper. One last protest to that thing which was about to happen. The whimper of a girl learning about sex – finding out for the first time what a boy’s dick can do to you – after having lived a closely sheltered life up until that point. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I couldn’t believe his dick was go to do this to me. He was proving to me something about myself. And then it finally happened. My pussy couldn’t take it anymore. The pleasure from thrust after thrust of his cock had finally crossed the threshold and defeated all my defenses. I lost all control of my body as I felt a burning ball of girly power from deep within me come surging up into my little balls and then push through my dicklet, erupting out of me in one mind-blowing spasm. Then another. And another. I saw stars. I gasped for air. My hole clasped tight around him with each pulse, as if to naturally squeeze him, to make him feel even better, to coax him to go even further. Spurt after spurt of thin juice sprayed out of my little penis – not like a man would shoot – more like a fast trickle…like his cock had released the muscles holding it back and it was just flowing out of me. From an outsider’s perspective I’m sure I looked completely pathetic, on all fours with a cock buried in me, defeating my masculinity and forcing sissy juice to spray out of me onto the couch cushion below. Certainly what I was doing was not real cumming. Cumming is what men did, and I remembered from being a boy what that felt like. This was something entirely different. This was a convulsion of my deepest insides. This was an explosion not only of my physical body but of my entire mind. This was an orgasm that could only be triggered by a cock – a real man’s cock – being plunged into my boi-hole until I couldn’t resist anymore. I didn’t think I could feel any weaker or more powerless that moment, but I would be surprised, because he wasn’t done yet. Although he thought it was novel to make me cum from his dick, and it probably turned him on to force me to discover what a faggot I was for cock, what he cared about most was getting off. I was truly losing my mind as he kept plunging into me after the waves had passed, leaving me incredibly vulnerable and sensitive. As I began to come back down to earth, a shame of what had come to pass began to wash over me. The primal voice had vanished, as if she had only come around just to spur me on, to place wicked words in my ear, facilitating my feminization; and now, her work being done, she retreated to the abyss, leaving my shattered manhood to take over. I whimpered and moaned softly as his cock continued to fuck my tender hole. I bit my lip and tried my best to take him like a good girl until finally he groaned and pulled my arms back hard, arching me up into the air painfully, filling me as far as he could. As he started to pulse, he began to work himself in and out slowly, using my hole just the way he wanted, the way that made him feel the best, as surge after surge of his thick cum throbbed out of his big balls and unloaded inside of me. Having no choice, I waited submissively, the seconds passing, another spurt, another spurt, more and more of his cum inside of me, until he was finished, and I was full of him. Unceremoniously, he released my arms and slid out of me, causing me to gasp as my face fell to the cushion below, and I became aware of a cold, wet feeling. My face had fallen right into a few drops of sticky sissy juice that was now permeating the fabric of the cushion. I fell on my side, exhausted, my pucker sore and loose, my head swimming, lying in my own cum which had been released from me through no action of my own, but from a man’s cock. That man had walked off somewhere without a word, presumably to go clean up. He didn’t even ask if I wanted to do the same. He had gotten what he wanted…he was finished with me. So, ashamed, embarrassed, and not wanting to spend another minute in that place, I did my best to wipe the juices off my face. Why hadn’t I brought boy clothes to change into? Reluctantly, I slipped on my skirt and blouse. Where the fuck are my panties? Finally finding them, I slid them up my smooth legs, the lacy thong nestling up against my tender, worked hole. I hoped I didn’t leak anything on the way home. I didn’t want to put the heels back on but I had brought no other shoes. As I walked out the door to begin my walk of shame, I heard that primal voice come back, but only just for a moment. “There’s no going back, now,” it said. “You’ll never make yourself feel half as good as he made you feel with that big, hard, dick.” I shuddered. I knew she was right.

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