Strong Guy Forcibly Fucks Sissyboy

strong guy forcibly fucks sissyboy 10 Oh…FUCK! God his cock is so big! I know I shouldn’t keep giving myself up to him like a dumb little slut…I know I shouldn’t be a girl…but this tutoring job pays so well! I don’t want to lose it- ungggghhh…ohhhHHHH!! *pant* *pant* I mean, I’m getting paid twice as much as I was at my old job, and sometimes he even buys me gifts (even if it is girly stuff like perfume or clothes). It’s not that I enjoy it – I mean, I like, totally don’t, it’s just- *smack-smack-smack-smack-smack* hollllyyyy fuuuuUUCKK!!!! *grabs sheets* Ohhhh my god he just really knows how to use that big cock of his. Unnngh omg don’t pin me down like that, I feel like such a little girl…fuuuuuck noooo! NOOOO, don’t hit that spot *pant* *pant* *pant* ohhhhunnngggfuuuuckkkk I’M GONNNNNAAA- *squirt* *dribble* *dribble* *drip*

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