High Sissytrap in Latex Dress

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high sissytrap in latex dress
Britt woke up on the morning of February 1st, 2016 curled up at the end of Melanie’s bed, still wearing a glittery silver dress, makeup, and a flowing blonde wig, and with a feeling that control of the situation was beginning to slip away from him. The girls hadn’t made him stay, they couldn’t of course having used up all their requests, but like him, they were under no obligation when he demanded his clothes back and no way was he walking the two-mile trip back home like this. All three girls were already waiting for his return to consciousness and were standing over him when he opened his eyes. Hey there sleepyhead… Robyn smiled, “What a wonderful new day it is….and a new month, you know what that means…!” She slapped her jeans pocket playfully to symbolize payday or, in this case, the upping of the stakes. ‘We were all talking and we agreed it would be much more exciting if instead of adding another hundred to the kitty every month, we did it every day…you know, since we’re down to the final two and you look like you won’t hold out much longer anyway…you’re in right?” Britt was alarmed, that was so much money?! Well, the one hundred was enough, he’d had to borrow it from his parents and if they found out what for, they would kill him…otherwise he would have quit the second he found out about the makeover… ‘N… he paused, noticing Melanie raising an eyebrow and realising the trap they’d laid at the final moment, “…but I don’t have that kind of money he protested, …or of course I’d be in…I’m the yes-man remember?” …okay, but instead ‘Yes-girl, Melanie rrected firmly before considering his p of paying, you have to agree that if…when I win you have to do EVERYTHING I say for one whole month, okay? A smile spread across her face as he reluctantly agreed. ‘Excellent, but for today’s request…well I think it’s time we got you into something a little sexier. What about you Clare?” ‘Oh…. the final friend giggled as Melanie held up the black latex dress she had picked out for Britt,…it’s so nice out and that’s such a hot outfit for a cold February morning…let’s go for a run around the block!! It was a half-hour later and Britt was lent exhausted on a low wall. The rubber had rubbed him sore and the high-heels were killing him. Even in the winter sun, he had a film of sweat covering his body as the girls urged him to do a further lap of the block. He ought to just quit, he knew it, just toss off the heels and go home, but seeing their taunting faces just made him more determined to find a way to beat them. It wasn’t totally hopeless….right?

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