Disgruntled Brunette Sissy

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disgruntled brunette sissy
I am never wishing for anything again. Seriously, this has got to be the worst luck! I get the chance to wish for any three things I want, and I managed to screw up two of them right off the bat. I just wanted to be super rich! That’s exactly what I said — “I wish to be super rich!” — and instead of just making me rich, I get turned into some old-as-hell crone on her deathbed! Who cares if she’s rich?! So then, like an idiot, I wished to be young again instead of making a point to say, “my original self,” or at least something that would turn me back into a guy. Noooo, I was too worried I’d die right then and there, so next thing I know, I’m leaving the hospital looking like some chick I should be flirting with and telling her about all of my new money! What can I even do now?! If I wish to be male again, I’ll probably lose the money, but I don’t want to be stuck like this for the rest of my life! How do girls even standing wearing this stuff?! I just wish I was comfortable in my clothes…wait, no! Dammit!

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