Guy Fucks a Young Blonde in the Ass

guy fucks a young blonde in the ass
I used to be the best boxer in this gym. I could punch like lightning and make men crumble in the ring. But then one day, I was challenged by a newcomer. I used to be so cocky. I figured he would be cake to fight like all of the other guys. When he raised the stakes by betting money, I had to one up him. I bet him my anal virginity I could best him in the ring. He gladly accepted my bet. Then came the day of the fight. I got clobbered. When he won, he pulled my shorts down right then and there and entered me in front of everybody. I was so humiliated. So humiliated, I came back every weekend to try and beat him. I would train on the weekdays to prepare my body for him. Every time I came back, I would lose again and he would fuck me. I can feel my masculinity chip away every time. I feel like I’m getting girlier. It’s even starting to feel a bit good at this point. Maybe I’ll start throwing the matches. One more week won’t hurt.

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