Beta Male Classifides

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beta male classifides
Shemale creator
Choose one of every category and post your selection in the comments.
1. Face
2. Boobs
3. Ass
4. Cock
5. Extra / Only choose 1

A) You can get pregnant by ass fucking whenever you want. Your boobs, hips, ass and belly are going to grow. But after 9 months you will return to your normal size and obviously no child birth involved.

B) You will have the power to stop time only for cock sucking purpoise. That mean that you and your partner will be the only ones that can move in that situation. When he cums, the time will be back to normal and he will be forget everything. Also you don’t have gag reflex.

C) Whenever you get super horny your boobs are going to produce and lick a lot of milk. As a bonus, if someone tastes your milk he/she will be completely in love with you, you can do whatever you want to them, he/ she will never say no to anything.

D) You will be treated like a sex doll full time. Your only duties in life will be always look cute and be prepare when your owners want to fuck you.. You will get a lot of expensive gifts.

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