Blonde Femboy at the Stylist

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blonde femboy at the stylist
It was all he could do. Sit there and watch as his masculinity was brushed away with every pass of the comb. Oscar did his best to keep a brave face but as the stylist worked he felt strange. His parents had died back when he was only 5 and as a result he was raised by his aunt Janet. She loved him and he loved her but was secretly always wanted. A daughter. That was until one day when she thought she would experiment. After weeks of nagging Oscar finally relented a and allowed to with a to things began to ended up here. him. He had clear coat of polish. But that wasn’t the end and the reflection in the mirror terrified escalate quickly. Which is how he the boy but now his slim body was was working against him under the frilly sleeveless top he had been never I never been a large Fella a large sculped into neat arches which had been careful. was working on creating an elaborate up do for his newly extended hair which was given beautiful blonde highlights. His eye s. His eyebrows free face with a small amount of sat above a .He might mascara not have much makeup on now compared to the past experiences which his aunt had subjected him to but he couldn’t deny that the image in the mirror was undoubtedly that of a beautiful young woman. He looked down at his hands and the clear coated nails that started all of this were long gone. Resting on tight fitting skinny jeans were slender hands that now sported long sharp acrylics painted a glossy black to match his top and heeled boots that his aunt found to be adorable. He could only hope this would end soon as his has never felt so embarrassed. Aunt Janet however loved her new daughter and had no intention of ever giving her up.

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