Attractive Blonde Cd

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attractive blonde cd
7430 I really came a long way since I got to live in Sam’s for the first time. It’s been actually six years now which makes me feel like my life of a guy never happened. Quite surprising since judging how Andy was feeling in this body, I would assume I will never going to like it. Then agian despite being a man I adapted completely into a girl’s body and now I actually can’t imagine myself not being one. Six years ago when I was a 23 years old man named Zach, I noticed that my friend Andy is acting strange out of a sudden. I went to his younger sister to ask about him and his behavior, but she didn’t seem to be herself as well. She deffinitelly knew what’s going on, but she didn’t want to tell me. I had to push a bit for Sam to finally open up and what she told me was beyond my wildest dreams. Sam was claiming she is not really Sam but Andy who after casting a body switching spell ended up in the body of his 20 years old sister. In order for it to work the spell required consent from both parties which caused a problem since Sam found out she likes being a guy and because of it for the last two weeks Andy was stuck in her body. I can’t say I belived it at first but given enough evidence I had no other choice but to assume she’s telling the truth. After everything was explained, Andy asked me for a favor. He told me how missarable it’s making him to be stuck in his sister’s body and if he doesn’t become a man soon he’s going to lose his mind. He literally started begging me to switch bodies with him for at least some little time. Honestly there was no reason for me to become my friend’s sister, however I couldn’t allow myself to let my friend suffer. Reluctantly I agreed to swap bodies and while I wasn’t a bit happy about the idea I can’t deny I was really curious to learn how it feels to be a chick. After having my permission, Andy went for the spell and upon casting it I found myself facing the opposite direction. Even if I knew what’s coming the expirience was still uterly shocking. I mean having the body of your friend’s sister and seeing it respond to your comands was insane. Not to mention that literally everything about having a woman’s body felt alien and totally wrong. Now I got to learn why Andy was having such a hard time being Sam and I could only hope I’m not going to be the one who will go insane. Surprisingly, I took it lightly and only after a few days I made myself comfortable in her body. The real Sam still didn’t seem like she was willing to handle Andy his body back so my time as Sam was extending week by week. I could always ask Andy to switch back with me and I’m sure he would give me my body back, but somehow I didn’t feel the need to swap and Andy must have assumed I’m giving him a permission to remain in my body. Before I relized it a year had passed and then another one and so on which brings me to this point, six years after I became Sam and begin living as her. I guess at this point Andy assumed he’s never going to get his body back from his sister and that I’m fine with having hers. To be honest I am. I am ok with being a woman and I can’t imagine myself becoming a man after all this time. I mean I’m engaged and this evening I’m taking my parents out for a dinner with my fiance and his parents. Sometimes I wonder if Andy really would use the spell again to switch bodies if I asked. Probably yes since I doubt he would be able to just take away my body and life just like his sister did, however we have to keep one thing in mind. The spell will require consent from both of us to swap and as you may already guess I wouldn’t like to become a man.

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