Sissy Boy With a Perfect New Body

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sissy boy with a perfect new body
Accidents happen in medicine. Mark here went in for a simple body swap and came out with the wrong body. The technicians and doctors were concerned over the possible lawsuit and their jobs. Mark expected a new body, free of cancer. The hope was he would be able to return to his construction job after a body swap with a replicated core. He would be exactly as he came in, only with a new body exactly as his old except without disease. The technician’s gasp caused Mark to look down. The doctors could not read his expression as he stood there. A matching bra and panty set was brought to Mark so had something to wear. And they could not keep calling her Mark looking like that. They settled on calling her Penny, since she is as cute as a, well, a penny. Please do not sue me,” the doctor pleaded. Penny smiled and turned away saying, “I’m not going to sue you. This body will do just fine.” Here you can see the last picture the security cameras took before Penny left the building.

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