Hypnotic Blonde Sissy Trap

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hypnotic blonde sissy trap
Garrett bet Tony that he could hypnotize his friend to do anything he wanted. Tony accepted the challenge, and he stared into his eyes. In his eyes, Tony saw exactly what Garrett was trying to hypnotize him to be, but he couldn’t look away. Then Garrett snapped his fingers. Tony was supposed to start acting like some slut, and it worked… a little too well. Suddenly, Tony’s body began to morph into that of a sexy blonde. His clothes changed with him into a black dress and heels, along with some makeup. Garrett was astonished by what he had done, but his friend felt only one thing. She was horny. “Come on, big boy,” she said sexily, sitting on the couch. “It’s time for Garrett’s partner to meet Toni’s… face-to-face.” Garrett was not hesitant to oblige.

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