Brunette Sissy After a Stormy Night

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brunette sissy after a stormy night
“So, I guess it’s safe to assume at this point that you enjoyed your night out on the town with the girls?”

“Uh, pretty safe, yeah. What exactly gave it away?” “Honey, please. It’s written all over you — took your hair down, stocking tops showing, it’s eight-thirty in the morning — but honestly, most importantly, it’s–”

“–the shoes, right? I’m sorry; they were killing my feet after so long in them, but I didn’t want to put a run in your tights, so I just kept the heels on until–”

“No, James…it’s not that. It’s your face. That smile.” “My what? What about my…what smile? I’m not–”

“You absolutely are, girly. And don’t bother trying to deny it; after all, I’ve been looking at that face in the mirror after ‘good times’ for twenty-six years now.”

“I didn’t do anything we agreed I wouldn’t, I swear!”

“I believe you, honey; don’t worry. The Medallion is upstairs when you’re ready…no rush though, cutie!”

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