Cd at the Train Station Dressed as Girl

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cd at the train station dressed as girl
I’d moved a thousand miles away from the town I grew up in so this wouldn’t happen. But when I heard that familiar voice call out my real name, I nearly fainted. I slowly raised my chin to see Mrs. Mullins standing there with a confused look on her face. I thought about pretending I wasn’t the boy she had given piano lessons to for ten years. But as soon as she saw my eyes, she knew it was me. There was no avoiding this. I bit my lower lip and smiled at her. “Hello Mrs. Mullins, how are you?” She smiled like a Cheshire cat, “As soon as I saw your cute little butt, I knew that was you. And that little ass of yours looks so much cuter in that skirt!” “I remember you sitting at my piano and thinking that you really should be kept in panties. And it looks like you were thinking the same thing! You have to let me take you to dinner. I want to know everything about you and all that you’ve done. And I also want to keep looking at you! You truly look delicious!”

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