Redhead Sissytrap in Womens Plaid Skirts

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redhead sissytrap in womens plaid skirts
Please Jessica don’t make me do this I beg of you! Tom had been caught trying out his sister’s Clothes and now he’s received his last strike. Jessica warned him if he did this one more time, she’d make him a full girl and take him to the salon to be pampered like a real girl. Jessica made him up with hoop earrings, dangly bracelets, arched eyebrows, glossy lips, a brown wig, and her finest clothes. Jessica was taunting Tom by calling him, Tessie. She told “Tessie” to hurry up because she wanted to go to the mall for the mani-pedi for 2 special and he was the 2nd person to come along. Tom had his hands on Jessica’s skirt trying to feel if his “thing” was still there. It was but just tucked between his legs so no one would find out that Tessie is actually a boy. Suddenly a flash got Tom’s attention. Jessica had taken a picture of Tom with her phone and waved it around for fun. She said, “If you don’t come with me to the salon little sister, I’ll send this to everyone.” Tom sighed. Then he said alright I will come along with you. Jessica grinned then said, “that’s my little sister now let’s get you some acrylic nails with some cute art on them.” Ooh, I know, how about we get you pink ones with butterflies printed on them! Tom had no choice but to accept this punishment because Jessica was blackmailing him into this. Say goodbye to Tom and say hello to Tessie!

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