Athletic Beauty Betaboy in Pink Swimsuit

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athletic beauty betaboy in pink swimsuit
Standing at the egde of the pool in the backyard, I kept thinking there must be something seriously wrong with me. I mean I deffinitelly shouldn’t be enjoying this, yet I really do and it was impossible to wipe that smile off of my face. For some reason I’m really having a great time being stuck in the body of my friend’s mother. For a couple of weeks now I hadn’t been thinking about going back to my body in contrast to how I was feeling about the situation at the begining. When the strange orb of light appeared at my friend’s house and switched his mom and me into eachother’s bodies, I desperatelly wanted to get out of it and be myself again. Having a woman’s body who was nearly as old as my mother was something that was giving me nightmares, but now… Now I don’t feel the same way about it. It’s really crazy. A teenage boy should not be happy to become a fourty years old woman and while at the begining I found many things I particulary disliked about the situation, later on I learned to love it. I really started to like the feeling of my body and my new clothing. I liked to act feminine and the way people treated me as a woman and I certainly got to enjoy the advantages that went along with being an adult. But above everything else, there’s one reason I think that trully made me feel like a woman and like it and it is being with David. David Carter is my friend’s father, and the man who made me reconsider my sexuality. I know I shouldn’t be feeling about him the way I do, but I can’t help it. I can always explain myself that it’s only natural. I’m in a woman’s body so it only makes sense I feel an attraction towards the man who by law is my husband and the father of our children. I just didn’t expect the feeling will be so intense. For that I can always blame David. Ever since I found myself in this body, he’s been really going out of his way to make me feel as comfortable in my new body and see that being his wife might be the best thing that happened to me. He was kind and sweet and I’m sure I wasn’t the only woman who would fall in love in man like him. Sure, I was thrown back at the idea at first, but as we were getting closer, I was slowly opening up. What really made me fully embrace my feelings is when we became intimate that one night. Having sex triggered many emotions at once that encouraged more bonding with the man and as I was cuddling with David after the fact, I wanted nothing more than to be his wife forever. Little did I know my wish is going to come true. The reason why David was going so far with me was because he did a little bit of study about the strange phenomenon and learned that the swap is irreversible. This meant I was going to be stuck as his wife forever. David didn’t tell me this before he made sure I’m comfortable being a woman and his wife. When he came out clear I was obviously shocked but the way I was trully feeling was surprising. I wasn’t sad or dissapointed. On the contrary I was happy with how it all turned out. Now, when I know that I’m stuck as Samantha Carter it’s easier to put my former life of a teenage boy behind me and throw myself fully into my new life of a grown woman. Belive me that I’m more than happy with my new body and I really enjoy being a wife and a mother. I’m looking forward into my new life and especially I’m looking forward to the many nights in which I’m going to throw myself at my husband and let him make love to me so I can trully appreciate being a woman.

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