Sissy Is Ready for Date With Guys

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sissy is ready for date with guys
It was everything Alex had ever wanted and more. In secret, he’d been embracing his transgender side for years, but despite keeping himself in incredible shape, Alex had resigned himself to the fact that his shape would never be the one he desired the most. To top it all off, his roommate Brad had just broken things off with his girlfriend, flooding Alex with so many emotions at once; the unrequited crush he’d harbored for his pal caused him to feel excited and disappointed all at once. If only he could be Brad’s… Of course, Christmas is a magical time of the year. That’s the only reason Alex could imagine to explain why he suddenly found himself in the body of his — now her — dreams, wrapped up in a cute little red dress and tights like the perfect Christmas present. Once again, he was flooded with emotions, feeling these clothes for the first time as a woman through and through. And with any luck, he thought, they’ll soon be lying on the floor of Brad’s bedroom…!

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