Seductive Sissy in Delicate Lingerie

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seductive sissy in delicate lingerie
Oh… Man… I felt exhausted. I didn’t even know why, either. I should have felt rested, because of how tired I was last night, but for some reason my crotch was sore and my chest felt raw as hell. I rubbed at my chest, but my bra was making it hard to massage some places. Wait… BRA?! I sat up and looked down at my chest. My boobs were huge, silky to the touch. Where had they come from? And, was… Was… Oh, no, it was! Mister Happy was replaced by Lady Divine! What the hell happened to me? And why was I so sore down there? There was a knock on the door. I didn’t want whoever it was to come into the room, but I had a feeling that if I didn’t let them in, they might break-in. For all I knew, this was the husband of whoever this woman was. I opened the door and saw my best friend, Erin, standing there. She had an evil look on her face and walked right past me to the closet. “Ooh, I’ll havta thank Stacy for what she put in your closet, Jeff. And I’ll have her give me some of these, too.” “What the hell are you talking about?!” “Please, Jeff, you know what this is. When you broke up with Emily last week, she told me everything. We’ve been friends all our lives, and it just angers me that I couldn’t see what you were.” “What?” “To treat Emily like a possession like that… It’s just horrible, Jeff.” “Are you talking about when I asked her to stop flirting with Harris Williams? He’s an abusive asshole, why would I want her flirting with him at all, let alone while she’s dating me?” She shook her head. “It doesn’t matter, that was her choice. Harris is treating her nicely, by the way, but Glenn Sanders should have some fun with you.” “Glenn?! He’s raped eight of his last nine girlfriends, and sued them for slander when they tried getting child support out of him!” “Yeah, about that… I wouldn’t fuck him next week if I were you. And believe me, he’ll love that slave girl outfit you’ve got back there.”

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