Cute Crossdresser in a Pink Dress

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cute crossdresser in a pink dress
Look daddy, this is only for a week. I’m truly sorry I wished that Bradley had a cute little blonde thing to date while we’re on vacation, and the wish turned you into Chrissy Collins. But for once don’t ruin your son’s time. Hold his hand and act infatuated with him. He’ll just take you to the beach – by the way, i have the cutest pink bikini for you and the amusement park and stuff. And for goodness sake, wear a bra! You’re bouncing all over the place! You don’t want to have to fend off his advances. Give him a nice big kiss at the end of the week, and the spell will be fulfilled. (Little does he know, that kiss will turn him into a girl forever. At least he’ll have a cute boyfriend!

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