Skinny Blonde Crossdresser

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skinny blonde crossdresser
As a man, Albert was skinny and small for a man and besides that, he was having a girly face and long blond hair. Albert was working in a photo studio as set dresser. On a certain day, a model became sick and to be able to make the deadline his boss asked Albert if he could be a stand-in for her. Albert could really could use the extra money he would earn with this so he agreed to be the stand-in. His boss sent Albert to the make-up artists. The make-up artists plucked and shaved Albert to make him even more feminine than he already looked. Then they did Albert’s make-up and handed him the clothes he had to wear. “Ok, Amber are you ready?” His boss asked him “Yes, let me close the zipper of this boot and I am good to go.” While wearing make-up and woman’s clothing it was hard to see that Amber was officially a man. After spending, a whole day in the flashlights of the cameras and the center of attention made it hard for Amber to transform back to Albert. Especially when he looked in the mirror there was a woman looking back “OMG I am really looking like a woman” he mumbled. “I don’t know how you think about being Amber but I can use Amber in quite some shoots.” His boss told Albert. “Can you get used to wear this type clothing and walk on high heels?” After some time and consideration, Albert said, “Yes, I think that I can get used to this. However, to become a better woman I would like to have some hormone treatments.” The female hormones triggered the development of a soft girlish skin and they gave Albert a more female shaped body. After a few months, Albert was really looking like a woman so he had to dress himself fulltime as one. To complete the transformation Albert underwent surgery one year later. That surgery really made him a woman. After the surgery, Albert did not need to hide his bulge anymore as he was having a flat crouch and a void between his legs. As Amber Albert is earning way more and this really makes it easy for Albert to accept his transformation. Amber is now really a woman with nice looks and she feels the joy rushing through her body when she looks in the mirror and sees her new reflection in the mirror.

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