Gorgeous Blonde Sissy in Blue Dress

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gorgeous blonde sissy in blue dress
Agent 007 was walking gracefully on the red carpet trying to keep the apperance and focus on his mission at the same time. His target was Victor Petrov, officially a movie producer, but in secret a member of a dangerous organisation. Victor was carrying some sensitive data with him so M16 assigned Bond to do the task. Missions like this became way easier and Bond knew a man like Victor won’t be able to resist a woman like him. All he will have to do is to seduce the man to dull his vigilance and use the moment to steal the data. Some time ago after completing a dangerous mission, James Bond had to change his apperance to remain incognito. It wasn’t the first time he was going to get a new face. During his career, James changed his apperance several times so it felt like a regular procedure. This time however it was going to be different and James was unaware of it. The surgeon who was going to give him a new look was a woman James once had an affair with. She thought she’s important to him but later it turned out she was just one of the many temporary Bond girls James slept with before moving to another one. When she learned she’s going to be operating on him, she decided to give him a lesson and show a few things from a woman’s point of view. Few weeks after the surgery, James woke up and noticed he feels different than previously. Looking down James gasped as he saw the surgeon gave him boobs and removed the precious thing between his legs he used to satisfy so many women. For sure the surgery made him unrecognizable, however because of it he became a woman. Shortly later, M gave him a new codename which was Jane Bond and already started preparing “her” for a next assigment. Before that however, James was sent to a speciall training camp where he was learning how to walk in high heels, how to apply makeup, how to act feminine and use his new looks to his advantage. After a few months, James started enjoying being a woman and took a liking to all the feminine clothes he was forced to wear in his new body. Thats how the new and gorgeous agent 007 was born. Bond’s sex change give him an insight how women are treated in the M16 and woke some concerns about the conditions they work in. Despite her reputation she still was facing sexism from her male colleagues who were claiming that women are not suit to be secret agents. That was not true since Jane was even more effective now as a woman than in the times when she was a man. Working hard on her missions, Jane proved she’s as capable as men to do the job and thanks to that, Jane started to encourage more women in the MI6. She also managed to convince M that some guys should be taken to the medical department for a sex change so they can learn some respect towards their female colleagues. Few years later, Jane was no longer known as the handsome womanizer. Instead she became a symbol for women to stand their ground in the M16. Jane learned many things thanks to her sex change and she was glad she was given the chance to become a woman. Today she’s on her last mission before early retirement. After it’s done she’s going to settle down with her husband and finally start a family.

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