Beautiful Blonde Wears Dress on Naked Body

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beautiful blonde wears dress on naked body
Jimmy just loves the sensation! It’s his first time outdoors. His new girlfriend, who works at a beauty parlour, has made up his hair, depilated all his body and dressed him in a light cotton dress. Nothing under it, just his bare skin. As the wind gets caught in it and threatens to blow it up, he has to secure it, almost like Marilyn! Otherwise his cock would be exposed. It’s a little one – true – but it is well erect and rock hard. The dress’es hem is caressing his thighs, the wind his exposed back! Oh my! This sensation of almost complete nudity! He feels so free! Now his task is to go home. Two miles down high street. His girlfriend has ordered him to answer truthfully to anybody who’d show curiosity in him during his walk. Tell him or her what he was doing and why he was doing it. And as to the rest, just to follow his instincts. Jimmy doesn’t know what his instincts will lead him to do. The only thing he knows is that he’s never been so excited in his life, neither so horny and, what’s the most beautiful thing: Never so happy!

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