Sissy Trap in a Short Dress at the Club

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sissy trap in a short dress at the club
“Alright, I got this,” Alexander/Alexandria said as she entered the club in her new pink dress, wig, boots, and bodysuit, all thanks to his sister. He had been caught drinking by her at the age of only 17, and she threatened to tell their parents. After a lot of begging and an evil idea, she made him a deal. If he could go to an underage bar and stay completely sober the whole time, she would let him off the hook. However, he also needed to stay in the character his sister had chosen for him-a girl that looked like a young hooker. He was forced to walk to the bar (a few miles from home), then stay there for at least an hour without drinking. He knew his sister was keeping an eye on him, though how he wasn’t sure, so he didn’t try to disrobe. He just hoped he wouldn’t run into any pedophiles at the bar.

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