Stylish Blonde Sissytrap in a White Blouse

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stylish blonde sissytrap in a white blouse
When it was time for lunch break, Tom walked out of the office and went to the balcony to catch some fresh air and reconsider his recent decisions. Suddenly swapping bodies didn’t sound like a great idea, but back then Tom couldn’t expect such turn of events. He wanted to try out being a woman and he got it, althought the expirience is going to last way longer than he initially wanted. Tom was really craving for a new expirience and he found just what he was looking for at the swap clinic. Thanks to the newest body swapping technology, the clinic offered a completely new expirience as an entirely different person. With the variety of bodies to chose from, Tom was having a hard time on deciding, but ultimatelly he picked a young and very attractive woman, Jessica Stones. After he found himself in her body, his own body was put in cryo for preservation while Tom had all the freedom to explore his new life as he desires. At first Tom was having a blast, spending most of his free time on exploring a woman’s body and admiring it in it’s full glory. However it took only a week for the thrill to wear off. Things like hair and makeup became a pain in the ass and Tom was struggling to make himself presentable in this body. He felt ridiculous wearing skirts and pantyhose and spending eight hours in high heels at Jessica’s job was really exhausting for his feet. Not to mention being hit on by guys was probably the worst thing he had to deal while he was in Jessica’s body. The decision to get into his body back earlier than he planned came after expiriencing his first period in Jessica’s body. That’s when Tom got tired of being a woman so he went back to the clinic where he learned that his body was already given to someone else who wanted to live out Tom’s life. Tom was furious and demanded his body to be returned to him but after he re-read the 100 page contract he had to sign earlier he found among the clausures a statment that by putting his conciousness in a different body, he’s willingly giving his own body for any other client who want’s to take it. Apparently someone was now in Tom’s body and that person was not obligated to give it back until he or she wishes so. Tom decided to wait until his body is available again but it didn’t take long until Tom learned that person decided to claim his body and life having the right to do so by the contract. In exchange, Tom was offered a different male body, but the choice was very poor at that moment. All men were either old or obesse so Tom decided he’d rather spend his life as a sexy woman than one of those men. Six months had passed already and while Tom got used to being a woman and he doesn’t find it as bad as he initially thought, he still regrets his decision to get a different body and unintentionally giving his own away. It took a lot of adjusting to his new physiology and lots of self training to make his mentality at least partially feminine. At this moment, Tom is still not sure if he’s ever going to fully accept the fact he is a woman althought it seems like he’s on a good way since he even agreed to go on a date with a guy.

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