Pretty Sissy Wears a Romantic Skirt

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pretty sissy wears a romantic skirt
@denisegen When I woke up to find myself in my older sister’s body I was obviously terrified, but after dad assured us he can fix this before afternoon I calmed down. Unfortunatelly at 4 pm dad came out of the garage where he was working on the weird machine that swapped our bodies and told us it might take longer than he initially expected. Of course me and my sister, Amber were pushing him to work faster especially since in a few days her boyfriend was coming back to town and they had a whole evening planned. I wanted to get back my body before this happenes. If there was something I wanted less than being stuck as my sister for a longer time it was going on a date with her boyfriend. However a few days later it looked like I had no choice and no matter if I was still in her body, Amber wasn’t going to cancel the date. When the day had come, Amber took me to her room and begin preparare me for her date. I must say just the process of dressing up was embarrasing enough. She put me into that silly little dress which was showing way too much skin than I would like to show while being in my sister’s body. The dinner with her boyfriend also didn’t go exactly as I imagined it. I mean everything was great and Amber would be delighted that I didn’t ruin the day for her boyfriend, but the key word here is “great”. Somehow I found myself having a relly good time with Ryan. I was laughing at his jokes even if normally I wouldn’t find them particulary funny. I was playing with my hair and smiling at him and when I saw him smiling back or telling me a compliment I was getting this funny feeling in my stomach. I assumed I must be just nervous and tried to ignore those weird sensations, but at some point I realized that Amber’s body is affecting my behavior more than I would expect. Later that evening as we left the reastaurant, the chilly wind made me realize how thin the material of the dress I was wearing actually is and how little protection it provides from cold. But there was Ryan who like a true gentelman wrapped his arms around me to make me feel a little bit more warm. To my biggest surprise I suddenly became aroused by feeling his body pressing against mine. Amber’s body was deffinitelly reacting to his touch and I could even feel the nipples pressing against the silk material of my bra. I knew I should get out of there. Make an excuse and go home, but when Ryan was whispering sweet words to my ear and I could feel the warmth of his breath on my skin, I knew that leaving was not an option. This body just simply wouldn’t allow me to do so. Amber wanted a full report on how the date went after I’d get back, but for the time being it seemed like she will have to wait until the morning since I headed with Ryan back to his place. There, after getting myself warm I took off the dress I was wearing just like the underwear and I let Ryan do to me what he normally would do to my sister. When I came back home the next morning, Amber was clearly not happy with my dissapearence as she could only guess what the two of us were doing. Dad was too busy to notice my absence while mom didn’t say anything at all. Anyway, later that dad took us for a serious talk where he explained we should brace ourselves for the worst case scenario as our body switch may even become permament. I was trying to keep a serious face, but despite the effort a faint smile formed on my face and I’m sure my mom noticed it. When our eyes met she gave me this smile, like if she knew that last night I was really enjoying myself being a woman. Sure I had a great time, but that was not something I was going to openly admit. For now I was trying to show displeasure about the possiblity of spending the rest of my life as Amber, but deep inside a part of me was hoping for this to happen as I deffinitelly was looking forward to spend another day with Ryan.

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