Pretty Sissy in a White Tshirt

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pretty sissy in a white tshirt
250 “It’s just for a day. I promise you sweetie” This is what my mom said to me after she used some wicked magic to change me into a girl. Did she keep her promise? Well, yes because she did change me back into a boy after that day, but it was just the begining of the many more days I was going to spend pretending to be my mom’s daughter. Since I can remember, I was always been told that comunication is one of the most important thing in relations between two people. It’s a bit hypocritical coming from her since from all people she was the one who forgot about that lesson. For a few months mom was seeing this guy called Mark who had a daughter my age. Apparently mom and Mark had a little miscommunication on their first date. You see, my name is Blake which can be used for both boys and girls. Because of mom’s misspeaking when they were talking about their kids, Mark actually thinks that I am a girl. Something my mom never noticed and since I was staying out of their dating life the mistake was never corrected. It was only after Mark mentioned how fun it would be if their daughters could finally get to meet eachother, mom realized Mark doesn’t know that I am a boy. At this point the right thing to do would be explaining there’s a misunderstanding. However hearing how excited Mark’s daughter, Ashley was to meet a girl who can possibly become her sister one day, she decided to go along with the version that I am a girl. Surprisingly she even managed to turn me into a girl after using some old book she digged from her aunt’s library. It was only for a day and I was going to get a playstation 5 in return so I thought it a pretty fair deal. Fair enough to get myself magically transformed, put on a dress and pretend I am a girl. I didn’t understand why she was willing to go on with this charade. She could always just come clean and tell the truth. I’m sure Mark would wouldn’t be mad and maybe even laugh at their little misunderstanding. Mom however didn’t want to ruin the day for Mark and Ashley. She promised she will tell them later, but somehow I had the feeling it won’t be my last time wearing girl’s clothes. I did my job and acted like the sweet girl mom described me as. I was very friendly towards Ashley and the two of us really got along. Overally the plan did work and mom kept her promise to change me back. However there was a question remaining. What’s going to be next? Apparently, just like I thought it wasn’t my last time when I will be playing the role of her daughter. Just after two days mom used that spell to turn me into a girl again and this time she didn’t even ask. Of course I firmly expressed my objection, but mom reminded me that she’s making the rules and I will have to obey. Liking it or not, since then I was constantly being turned into a girl. This kept going on and on and I reached a point where I was spending more time being a girl than a boy. A major part of that time I’ve spend with Ashley who really started to like me. She was taking me out, introducing me to her friends and even inviting me to have a sleepover with her. I must say I also got to like her, but I was worried how far this already went. At some point when me and Ashley were hanging out with some boys I found myself sorta attracted to one of them. With the amount of time I spend being a girl and acting like one I was getting affraid that I may actually really become a girl at mind. Today I don’t see a way of me becoming a boy ever again. I’ve spend whole two months as a girl and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change. Yesterday Mark asked my mom to marry him and she did agree. While it makes me happy that mom found love it also scares me a bit since at this point mom is never going to tell the truth teengallery only one have no other choice but to accept I am a girl and live on like this.

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