Cute Crossdresser in a Womans Pink Dress

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cute crossdresser in a womans pink dress
Mom, can I take this stuff off now???? Now, Britney, you KNOW that’s not how little girls talk to their Mothers! Do I need to pull your panties down again and show you what happens to sassy little girls? No!!! I mean… No, Mommy! is a on you, but that’s what you get when you “borrow” clothes from your 13 year-old sister! Luckily MY shoes fit you well enough, or we’d have to go shopping! But I’m 18 years old, Mommy, and I’m NOT a girl! I’m sorry, Britney, but your actions speak a whole lot louder than your words! An 18 year-old BOY wouldn’t spend as much time in his sister’s room, and her THINGS as you do. It’s obvious that you WANT to be a 13 year-old GIRL, so I’m happy to help you! The whole summer, you’ll be my new, beautiful daughter! But, what about my job? What about my friends? What about my GIRLFRIEND??? Silly girl! You’re too little to have a JOB. I called your boss for you already. I’m sure you’ll make tons of NEW friends! Lisa has LOTS of friends, and I’m sure she can’t wait to introduce you! As for your “girlfriend”, you’ll be happy to know that she’s coming over tonight! Tonight?!? Please, Mommy, give me my clothes back! She can’t see me like THIS!!! Now don’t be a silly goose, Britney! Becky WILL see you like this, and OFTEN. Mommy has to work, and Becky will be your babysitter. Just remember, in bed by 9, and she has my permission to spank you, if you give her problems!

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