Betaboy Takes Off His Jeans

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betaboy takes off his jeans
“Checking out the goods already?” Adeline asked walking in on Trenton, topless and about to be pantsless in his new body. “Boss?! Oh crap! I knew I recognised this girl! This is your daughter isn’t it?!” Trenton gasped, desperately grasping for clothes to cover himself up again, “I don’t know how I got in here! I was just at home then…!” “She’s my STEP daughter,” Adeline corrected, “and it’s okay. that you check yourself out. I know, no one in our department believes me when I say you’re all like family to me, but I’d like you to actually become family.” “Wh…wha? I don’t understand” stuttered Trenton the last 10 minutes being more than his mind could process. “I don’t get on with Tali – my brat of a step daughter, and she frequently wants to be treated as an adult,”, Adeline explained, “and you on the other hand, have been a faithful personal assistant, and I think this switch will work for all of us in the long term.’ “You want me to become your daughter?” Trenton gasped, slumping down on the bed feeling overwhelmed. “We can try it for a little bit if you’d like,” Adeline suggested, “but Tali is quite happy to be out from under my supervision, and quite keen to experience life as a 20 something male.” “What about what I want?” Trenton asked. www “When you told me your life story, about foster homes and the streets, I was listening,” Adeline replied,’ motherly stroking Trenton’s soft brown hair, “if this arrangement works for you, you’ll have me for a loving mother, and let’s just say Tali doesn’t become this kind of pain in the ass without her father Garrett who will treat you like an absolute princess! Come have family dinner, and see how you like it!”

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