Young Blonde in Modest Underwear

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young blonde in modest underwear
“Oh crap. Taylor what are you doing here? I thought you were gonna be gone all day?” “Well, class got out early. And apparently I am here to catch my sissy little brother wearing my clothes. I hope you had a skirt and top picked out too?” “No, I was just trying them on. I’m sorry it won’t happen again.” “No, of course it won’t. That’s what you need the skirt and top for. We are going to the mall so you can get your own bras and panties. I sure don’t want you wearing mine. And before you protest, I have these phone pics I took as I came in. Either we go to the mall now, or these go to your facebook wall later. It’s your choice.” “Fine, let’s go to the mall.” Ema’s “Good Sissy.”

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