High Slutboy Dressed in a Womens Skirt

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high slutboy dressed in a womens skirt
I was dressed in my favorite outfit of a little skirt, top, furry vest, stiletto heels, and pantyhose. The pantyhose were a must, they kept my little peenie hidden nicely. I’d walked clear through the shopping mall to where my girlfriend had driven our car. As I opened the door, I could smell her musky excitement. She smiled and told me to walk back through the mall. She would text me where she chose to park. But this time she wanted me to stop and get each of my earlobes pierced, twice!! She and I loved the games we played. She constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone. Before meeting her, I would’ve never stepped outside in girls’ clothes. Now I was mincing through a shopping mall on a Saturday! And I was about to get my ears pierced! As I turned and walked back toward the mall entrance, I shivered with excitement when I heard her start our SUV and drive away. On a few occasions, she had driven home and left me to find my own way. I really hoped this wasn’t one of those days. I was far too horny to take an Uber in this condition. BRI J

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