Sissy Has Perfect Female Figure

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sissy has perfect female figure
“Why have I done this to you? That’s an excellent question, Erin. I’m pleased. It indicates you’re now calm enough to think rationally.” Erin’s voice quavered. “I’ve been rational the whole time.” Dr. Johanna Krupp shook her head at him. “Incorrect. You’ve been mostly catatonic and unresponsive, interrupted only by periods of hysteria. It’s not uncommon. The mind rejects these kinds of drastic alterations at first. How long do you think you’ve been at my clinic?” “I don’t know, a couple months.” “Incorrect again. It has been three years since you walked through my doors.” Erin was dumbfounded. He shook his head in disbelief. “Anyway, you asked a question,” Dr. Krupp said. “But before I can answer, I need clarification. What ‘this’ are you referring to?” “Are you serious?” Erin gestured down at his body or what was once his body. Now it was virtually unrecognizable. He had the breasts, ass, and face of the kind of girl he couldn’t have even dreamed of talking to, once upon a time. It made him physically sick to think about what was between his legs now. Or, more precisely, what wasn’t between his legs. “You… changed me into a….. a…..’ Dr. Johanna held up a hand. “Erin, for goodness sake, could you please put on a bra?” “No fucking way!” “Well, that’s all right. But I won’t have a conversation with an indecent woman.” She started to walk out of his room, taking the key out of her pocket to lock the door behind her. “Wait!” he shouted.

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