Slutboy Went for a Walk in Short Shorts

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slutboy went for a walk in short shorts
I told my wife I was a cross dresser and asked if I could put on some of her lingerie and clothes. She helped me with my look and then suggested since it’s dark, we jump in the car and go out for a drive so I could get a little exposure and experience as to what it’s like to be a girl in public. We found a few dark spots and she suggested we get out of the car and go for a little walk. We did and it was very exciting to parade around outside dressed like this but at this last stop, we got out of the car and she immediately jumped in and drove off saying….”Have fun walking home in that outfit, bitch”. It’s going to take me well over an hour to walk home in these heels and I have to walk right through an area frequented by sex workers who I know are going to treat me like the competition.

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