Cd Finally Got a Dick Into Mouth

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cd finally got a dick into mouth
I pledged a frat at college. The hazing was to dress up as a female and meet the rest of the frat guys at a hotel. I realized too late that this was not just some hazing prank. When I arrived, I was pulled into a room. There were guys forcing themselves on the crossdressed pledges. I was pushed to my knees and a hard cock was thrust into my face. “Take it into your sissy mouth. Bitch” the guy demanded. “I’ll hurt you if you don’t” he said. Scared, I opened my mouth for him. He pushed his cock into my mouth and sighed. “I love forcing you stupid sissy boys” he told me. “I’ll teach you how to suck cock” he said. He grabbed my head’ controlling me. He thrust himself in and out. His cock slid easy between my lipsticked lips. “Yeah, your gonna love eating my cum” he told me. “You’ll be nothing more than a sissy cocksucking faggot after this” he said. He pushed all the way in saying “Take it bitch, eat my cum”. He flooded my mouth with his cum. I had no choice but to swallow it. He pulled out and two more guys grabbed me. They threw me onto the bed. One guy held me down while another crawled between my legs. His hard penis found my virgin hole and he pushed in. he sank his cock in; balls deep. He fucked me. All the while, I felt like a real girl. He pumped in fast and ejaculated inside my boi pussy. He and his friend traded places and I was fucked again. A hard cock was put to my lips while I was being fucked. Without hesitation, I sucked it in my mouth. I was flooded moments later on both ends with fresh cum!

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