Male in White Shirt Slaps Sissys Ass

male in white shirt slaps sissys ass
When Heather left for work Jeremy didn’t waste any time. After shaving away the few body hairs he had left, he jumped into his new clothes including the too-cute Mary Jane shoes and bobby socks. Wig, makeup, and breast forms quickly followed. As he was admiring himself in the mirror he didn’t even notice Heather’s boyfriend, Calvin, walk-in. Caitlyn’s it’s Masks

Always Lock The Door!

Jeremy tried to lie, saying he was Heather’s friend Jennifer. Calvin just smirked and pulled Jeremy over his knee. As he pulled Jeremy’s outfit up over his smooth panty-covered ass, he explained that Jeremy would be getting 10 spanks for lying. Then he would let Jennifer make it up to him by giving him a blow job. Jeremy could only cover his face as he said in a quivering feminine voice ‘Yes Sir’

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