Sissytrap Trains Her Mouth

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sissytrap trains her mouth
Greg looked at his sister through the misted glass of the shower room. The head of the rubber dildo was deep down his throat. The poor boy tried his best to suppress his gag reflex and his tears, combined with water, flew down his cheeks. Greg tried to make smooth and deep breaths, because he knew that any attempts to hold the breath will make the spasms stronger. The boy imploringly looked at his sister, who was tracking time at her stopwatch. – There it is, Gretchen! Your new record – two minutes! Greg slipped off the nine inch dildo in relief, trying to catch his breath. But his sister’s next phrase made his knees buckle, and he had to grasp the dildo, still slippery of his own saliva, in an attempt to keep his balance. So tomorrow we’ll start training your lower hole!

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