Sissygirl Wears Only Womens Swimsuit on the Beach

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sissygirl wears only womens swimsuit on the beach
I must’ve adjusted the straps on my bikini a thousand times during my short walk to the beach. This would be my very first time out in a bikini. And I was totally stressed out! I was really glad to see there were only adults out today. Considering how tiny my bikini was, it was impossible to keep my little clitty hidden. The tiny thing was right up front for all to see. I hoped no one would freak out. I prayed no one would beat me up. I only wished everyone would just accept me as a cute girl with a little surprise in her bikini bottoms. As I drew nearer to the crowds of people, I caught several people staring at me. Some of them were trying to be sly, others were blatantly ogling me! I’d been so nervous I’d forgotten to get my beach towel! So I was very thankful to the nice older man who offered to share his with me. He even offered to rub tanning oil on me! He was so sweet, but I got pretty aroused when he spent so much time rubbing oil so close to my privates. But he didn’t seem to mind at all. He just smiled and kept on rubbing, his fingers getting closer and closer to my intimate parts.

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