Cutie Sissytrap in Pink House Dress

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cutie sissytrap in pink house dress
“Thank you so much for all your help this year, Vince,” Samantha’s mother – Greta, smiled, shaking Vince’s hand, “we look forward to more results next year when school comes back.” “It’s my pleasure and thank you for the lovely dinner!”, Vince said, before turning to Samantha who was standing on the stairs, “and you enjoy that body while you’ve got it!” “Yeah yeah,” Samantha said with a laugh and an eye roll, “enjoy being a man for a while!” “Any plans for your time off, Vince?” Samantha’s father Craig, asked, patting Vince on the back, “we really need to find you a nice woman.” “Just relaxing for my time off!” Vince laughed, “just some time to enjoy being…me…’ “I’ll walk you out,” Samantha said, surprising her parents that she might be warming up to Vince. “You know they almost suspected you,” the real Samantha said, still in Vince’s body, as they walked out to Vince’s car, out of earshot of her parents. “Whatever. Just don’t make me regret letting you have a holiday in my body,” Vince replied. dyimmy body, vinc “I’ll take care of him,” said Robyn – who had been hiding in Vince’s car, getting out to give Samantha a kiss, “and I’ll be keeping a VERY close eye on him, if that puts your mind at ease. “Thank you for this year…Samantha, Samantha said, hugging her real body. “Thank you, Vince,” Vince said mockingly, keen to get back inside to continue sexting Belinda.

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