Curvy Body Cd

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curvy body cd
This was all just a fantasy at first… but the more I teased and denied, the more I humiliated you and feminized you the more it went from being your fantasy to becoming your destiny. The more it went from just being a kinky game to being something that could actually happen one day. Even then though you never thought you would become an actual sissy did you? It was just a tiny growing fear that one day this will all become real… well that day is here honey. From fantasy to destiny to reality. This is the real you now. There is no way back. You will never wear male underwear again. You will never stroke your dicklet again. You will never get to slide your cock inside a pussy again. You will never be unlocked. You will never ever be a real man again. You are just another sissy now… and you will be one forever.



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