Sissygirl Is Playing With Her Ass

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sissygirl is playing with her ass
Mommy was furious. First I forgot my bikini…well, I hadn’t actually forgotten it, and she knew it. I begged her not to force me to wear a bikini to the pool but she insisted. I wasn’t ready to flaunt myself so openly as a sissy girl in public yet, but she didn’t care. So she made me wear one of my little skimpy teddies instead. She said it looked like a one-piece but I knew she was lying. It was obviously lingerie. She loved embarrassing me.. But Mommy wasn’t done yet. Not by a long shot. Once we arrived on the pool deck she pulled the big black butt plug from her purse. I pleaded with her not to make me put it in my ass right there…right in front of everyone, but she wouldn’t budge. She reveled in my humiliation. She loved to degrade me. Worst of all, she only allowed me to use my mouth as lubrication…. .*.

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