Cute Sissy With Long Hair

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cute sissy with long hair
“Well, someone is rather chipper early this morning!” “I really am! I can’t remember the last time I had this much energy; I feel like I’ve been walking on my toes since I hopped out of bed and my feet hit the floor!” “Technically, of course, they’re my feet, but the point stands. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, because the opposite is true as well — I’m kinda winded already!” “Oh, honey, I’m sorry…I really need to get in better shape, especially now that I know how good it feels.” “And now that I know how you feel in here, I’m very glad to hear that, babe! I want you around as long as possible, so I’ll be glad to help. Just don’t go getting any ideas about using the Medallion to get me to do your exercising and dieting for you, okay? Promise?” “Promise, hon! I wouldn’t take advantage of you like that…although, from the look of my pants, I’d say you might take advantage of me soon, perhaps…? Hehe!”

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