Hot Brunette Sissy Without Underwear

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hot brunette sissy without underwear
Sissy gurl rules when dressing for real men

1. Dress MUST BE VERY SHORT and above mid-thigh

2. Dress must be feminine, flirty, sexy but also a little slutty

3. High-waisted mini skater dresses are ideal as they provide daddy with easy access to your clitty and ass pussy

4. Dress should ALWAYS be worn with high heels

5. The dress should have a low neckline to reveal your cleavage

6. A bra should NOT be worn unless extra support is required in which case a cupless bra is permissible

7. If daddy requires you to wear a panty, it should be a lace g-string

8. A clitty cage MUST always be worn under your dress

9. For a classier look wear a short prom or see-through lace dress coupled with a jeweled butt plug and choker

10. If daddy desires bare legs then they should be waxed smooth and moisturised before dressing

11. Stockings can be worn as required by daddy, and if worn, stocking tops should be visible when standing or sitting

12. When standing you should place one foot in front of the other with hands by your side clutching the hem of your dress

13. You should always be ready to lift the hem of your dress when instructed by a man to show off your thighs, ass and clitty

14. When sitting you should cross your legs, with toes pointed at daddy, hands clasped on your lap, and legs slightly leaning to one side to display your upper thighs and ass cheek

15. When around men you should always smile, look down at their crotch when spoken to, play innocent and twirl your hair

16. You should tease men and arouse them by bending over in front of them to adjust your high heel straps or by suggestively sucking on the straw in your cocktail glass

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