Pornstar Live Cam Models Guide – How to Bring & Keep Your Audience

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Pornstar Live Cam Models Guide – How to Bring & Keep Your Audience
“Every sissy should be smooth and ready for her daddy’s cock, on all fours, waiting to be mounted and feel daddy’s big cock. OPEN YOUR BUSSY UP.”

Boosting your audience is critical as a camgirl. If you’re already a pornstar or you’ve made a few movies, you obviously have some exposure already. However, unless you’re Jenna Jameson, Asa Akira or Lisa Ann, chances are you’ll still have to work and gain some audience.

Here are a few ideas to boost your pornstar live cam popularity.

High quality video and audio

No one wants to masturbate in front of a video that looks like it was made in 1984. People like clarity and high details. It makes no difference what kind of content you provide, quality is critical.

To add to the video quality, make sure you have a decent HD camera. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one on the market though. Also, your Internet connection should be high speed. If it’s not, consider an upgrade, the difference in your monthly bills is usually insignificant.

Good lighting is just as important in the process and can seriously add to the experience or ruin it.

Keep the area clean and neat

Pornstar Live Cam Models Guide – How to Bring & Keep Your Audience

If your room looks like a pigsty, it takes much of the experience away. There are many pornstar live cam models who are messy, no problem. Just make sure you tidy up before going live, it doesn’t take long. Take everything out of the frame, simple as that.

At the same time, everything you’re planning to use in your show should be nearby, whether it’s a bottle of water or some sex toys.

Stay fit

Just because you have a bit of a reputation due to your previous porn shootings, it doesn’t matter you can forget about your body and overall appearance. Stay fit, go to gym at least three times a week and make sure you get rid of cellulite, if you have any.

Staying fit is not all about the shape. You must look very clean, but also healthy. Pay attention to your nails and hair too, for example.

Keep it positive

A positive attitude will draw attention to your pornstar live cam room. Would you hang around a room with someone who looks uninterested and bored? How about someone who’s smiling and feeling excited all the time? Exactly!

If you become a cam model, you need to like what you’re doing. On some days, it may feel a bit difficult. But if you want to make a career out of it, make sure you overcome your feelings and play your role, simple as that.


Talk to people, answer their questions, ask how they are and say hi. You need to interact. This idea gives people the attention they crave, making your fans feel important. With time, they’ll stick to these interactions, as they make the overall experience more personal.

As a final conclusion, getting an audience as a pornstar model live cam is easier if you’ve made some videos before, but it still requires plenty of work and sissy training if we are speaking about femboys and trans girls. Just because you’re already familiar with the industry, it doesn’t mean people will rush in.

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