Blonde Dominant Tied Up Brunette Sissy

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blonde dominant tied up brunette sissy
Now that you’re all dressed up as a girl and I have you tied up and gagged, it’s time to see what your little penis is up to. Ooooo it’s hard in your panties and pad. You like being a tied up little bitch. Does it make you all horny being put in restraint by a pretty woman? Oh yes, I think it does. You slut! Just what should I do with your penis? Should I rub it through your pad and panties while I tell you what a nice vagina you have? Make you cum, right into that pad. Or maybe I should take it out. Wrap my lips around it and suck you off while you struggle in those ropes. Or maybe I should just straddle you and fuck you, after all, you’re in no position to stop me. I think I’ll just have another glass of wine while I make my decision on what to do with my little bondage bitch and her hard pantied penis, after all, it’s not like you’re going anywhere anytime soon.

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